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                       QUANGVINH EXPORT CO., LTD

  • We, Quang Vinh Export Co., Ltd are a trader, consultant and broker specializing in Vietnamese agricultural products such as: dry fruit, peanut, coffee, pepper,... We aim high to emerge as leading cashew brokers and ascertain keenly to supply our clients with the highest quality, the best possible service and competitive pricing.

  • With our wealth of over 20-years of experience and reliable contacts, we are able to understand the basic requirements and needs of our clients initially and supply them with our market opinion, trend updates and accurate unbiased information which help our buyers confidently to make relevant and crucial business decisions.

  • We value our clients & conduct business in an open, honorable way and strictly concentrate to deliver the products in a timely manner. This has earned the confidence of many cashew importers, over 75 countries throughout the world. 

  • At Quang Vinh Export Co., Ltd, we pride ourselves with strong trade values, integrity, and market knowledge, enabling us to build relationships that bring the buyer and seller together which helps to expand business opportunities. We always try to serve the best and will be more than happy to assist you for any further clarifications. We are looking forward to working with you in the near future.


Best regards,

Quang Vinh Export Co., Ltd