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Updated at 07:13 04-Jul-2015
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                       QUANGVINH CO., LTD


  • We, Quang Vinh Co. Ltd are a trader, consultant and broker specializing in Vietnamese agricultural products such as cashew nuts, rice, coffee, pepper,nut, dry fruit,... 
  • We have had over 20-year experience in the aspect of agricultural products including production, processing, trade and quality inspection. Thanks to the experience factor, our specialists can help your business promoted and developed in the exact and fast way day after day.
  • So far, we have created an extensive business network with over 75 different countries and territories throughout the world . We can support your business more easily and conveniently.
  • In addition, with a responsible and enthusiastic working spirit of our staff who are well – educated with good knowledge about foreign trade and proficient in e – commerce transaction, we promise to bring you a satisfaction and belief from the first business with us and reduce ricks in bussiness
  • With our business philosophy “Well know in Vietnam, Trading in the world”, we always believe that we can accompany your business growth in Vietnam.


       Best regards,

       QuangVinh Co., Ltd